IN-4000 set Nozzle pressure sensor system

VDA-M Two or three-channel amplifier

QE1008-W SET System for tie bar measurement with wireless transmission

SB46 Press-on-strain sensor without amplifier

SB76-VDA Press-on sensor with digital amplifier

ML1018 Measuring lance

GE1029-A Tie-bar strain sensor with amplifier

GE1029 Tie-bar strain sensor

AN1068 Strain ring

VDA-I Variable digital inline amplifier

QE1008 Magnet-mount strain sensor

DAK Nozzle touch force sensor

QE1010 Magnet mount strain sensor

QE1008-DU-1D 1- channel system for tie bar strain measurement with digital monitor

QE1008-DU-4D 4- channel system for tie bar strain mea¬surement with digital monitor

QE1008-DU-4USB 4- channel system for tie bar strain measuring with digital monitor-box

GE1029-DU-1D System for tie-bar measurement with 1 - channel monitor

GE1029-DU-4D System for tie-bar measurement with 4- channel monitor

DU-1D 1- channel digital monitor

DU-4D 4 - channel digital monitor

DU-4USB 4- channel digital monitor-box USB

SL76/80-AA/AC Link sensor with amplifier

SL76/80-AA Link sensor with analog amplifier

SL76/80-AC Link sensor with AC amplifier


CU Small size load cell

TU Small size load cell

SB Low profile load cell

CB Load cell

SH Standard profile load cell

CM Standard size load cell

TC Standard size load cell

TR Force transducer for measuring spindles tension

CIR Strain gauge transducers

CIR-D Galvanically isolated strian gauge transducers

AM Miniature force transducer

TH Force transducer

CC Cylindrical force transducer

DLC Diaphragm load cell without amplifier

DLCA Diaphragm load cell with amplifier

CT Toroidal force transducer