Blow Molders

Reciprocating (Screw) Blow Molders are plastic processing machines that particularly cater to industries that require lightweight containers. In this reciprocating process, the feed screw moves similarly to an injection molding machine.


  • Dairy product containers
  • Edible oils
  • Drink containers
  • Household chemical containers
  • Automotive products


At Nordic Machinery Engineering Division, we deliver machines that are simple to run and maintain with fewer moving parts.

NSI Machinery Engineering Div. offers comprehensive line of custom blow molding machines for wide range of applications.


» Screw Diameter : from 2 to 4 inch
» Head Count : from 1 to 16 heads
» Head Size : Small, Medium, Large
» Neck Finish : Spin Trimmed, Pull-Up, Ram-Down
» Optional Downstream : Shuttle Conveyor, Cooling Bed, Spin Trim, Leak Detector


» Color touchscreen interface
» Easy to navigate control
» Maximum availability of process information
» All vital functions have a dedicated push button for manual control


Both, Hydraulic and Electrical available.

  • Oil filled» Consists of Timken conical bearings for improved alignment
  • Maintenance : – oil change once a year.

  • Air cooling
  • Low-maintenance
  • High-volume blowers
  • Independent access to each zone
  • High-reliability heating bands build by NSI
  • Stainless steel shroud

  • Front access to the die gap adjustment
  • Adjustable pressure ring (medium and large size heads)
  • Tooling for the view strip (optional)

  • High stability / High repeatability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Plug-and-play installation

  • Rotac actuated clamping system
  • Through-platen water distribution for ease of maintenance (optional)

  • Hydraulic actuated side shift table
  • Adjustable stoppers on both sides
  • Up to 4-inch travel
  • Proportional valve for speed control

  • Hydraulic or servo options available


  • Quick exhaust valve for faster air evacuation
  • Individually adjustable pre-blow circuits
  • Pneumatic or  hydraulic blow pin cylinder to comply with requirements of diverse applications
  • High-quality pneumatic components
  • Sliding safety doors allow smaller foot print
  • Ease of access for maintenance
  • Big windows allow visual access without opening doors
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel surface (no corrosion, easy cleaning)